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Dimitrios Ε. Kalaitzis
Land Surveyor
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    Land Surveyor services
    methodicalness, accuracy and liability
    Multi years experience
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    Poeple Slider
    State-of-the-art equipment
    High accuracy topographic layouts
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    Full coverage of Pella region.
    Ability to serve customers' requests
    at all municipal districts
    of Pella district.

Dimitrios Ε. Kalaitzis' engineering office for boundary surveying

Our office delivers topographic surveys for the wider region of Pella Municipality. Our services are characterized by our overall methodicalness, the accuracy of geographical layouts and the accumulated multi years know-how. State-of-the-art equipment is used by our experienced staff , who are capable to satisfy customers' requirements.

We cover the municipal units of Giannitsa, Krya Vryssi, Kyrros, Alexander the Great and Pella. More specifically, the Giannitsa town, the Krya Vryssi town and the surround villages like Damiano, Paralimni, Leptokarya, Esovalta, Aksos, Aravissos, Kariotissa, Galatades, Drosero, Old Pella and New Pella.



Any kind of Boundaries Surveying.


Topographic layouts necessary for state authorization or legal declarations to Hellenic Forestry Office, Hellenic Cadastre office and other State Offices.


On field surveying of plots and parcels.


Plots and farmlands localization based on topographic layouts.



Engineering certificates for contracts and tranfers of properties.



Declarations of properties to Hellenic Cadastre and completion of the appropriate procedures.

Usefull Info

Info for current legal matters concerning properties.

From time to time, we will publish more issues for developments in the Hellenic Properties Law.

Common Questions
It's a national project whose main goal is the development of a uniform, systematic and always up-to-date collection of registrations, which consist of the geometric description and the ownership status of all the real properties of the Country, overseen and guaranteed by the State.
All regions of the Greece will eventually get registered to the Hellenic Cadastre. In the meantime, citizens can cope with mistakes in public records, check the validity of property rights etc.
In case a citizen does not submit an ownership declaration during the cadastral survey procedure, their property is registered in the Hellenic Cadastre flagged to belong to an “UNKNOWN OWNER”. Provided the beneficiary holds official legal deeds, he/she can request the correction of the relevant registration even after the completion of the cadastral survey, but for a limited time frame, Moreover, deadlines for requests vary between five (5) to fourteen (14) years, according to property region and start of Cadastre for that region.

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Ethnikis Antistaseos 16, Giannitsa, Greece
(+30) 23820 20019
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